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Yamaha XV design exhaust


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This exhaust is made specifically for the Yamaha XV series.
It will fit the following Yamaha models: XV750SE,  XV920SE,  XV920R and TR1

This Yamaha exhaust has a diameter of 45mm and a 50mm muffler will slide right onto the back of this exhaust.


YAMAHA XV Virago design exhaust
EAN: 7101124876359
Price: € 999.00

Free shipment through Europe  till end of October 2019 and 50% discount on overseas shipment. Send us an email for this purchase so we can add your discount,

This exhaust is about looks and sound. One of our bestselling exhausts. It has been spoken about, shared and likes thousands of times. Personalize your Yamaha so it becomes uniquely your Yamaha. It’s a great finish to your custom bike. We produce these exhausts for the Yamaha XV750SE, XV920SE, XV920R en TR1.

Because we make these exhausts on order by hand for your bike it is possible to alter these to suit your needs and wishes. Talk to us for the possibilities to build one especially for your Yamaha.

The exhausts are made from stainless steel. The tubes have a diameter of 45mm and the silencer fits onto a 50mm flange. The very same exhaust was used on the Moto Adonis XV920. This bike made it to Bikeexif of which we are very proud, The exhaust will be delivered without a silencer.

Fitment guide:

  • Yamaha Virago XV750SE
  • Yamaha Virago XV920SE
  • Yamaha Virago XV1000
  • Yamaha Virago XV1100
  • Yamaha XV920R
  • Yamaha TR1


We ship worldwide!

Please accommodate for a 2-3 weeks delivery time (excluding shipping). Each exhaust is hand build which guarantees that your exhaust is unique.

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